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The Broken Hill Home Brewers website is being developed in the hope of providing a hub for the Broken Hill Home Brewers Club and to promote the sharing of information relevant to the home brewing of Beer and Spirits in the Broken Hill area.



Broken Hill is Australia's longest-lived mining city and home to the Broken Hill Home Brewers Club. Located in the far west of outback New South Wales the Club began in November 1995 when some regular brewers decided to get together to taste each other's brews, share ideas and swap recipes.

The Broken Hill Home Brewers Club has monthly meetings where the host presents his beer to club members and guests for judging. The beer is judged on aroma, clarity, carbonation, head retention, taste and overall impression. The score for each category is added together to give a final score out of 100.

Awards are presented at the Christmas function for the best (and worst) beers of the season.